Portland Adventist Academy – Home to Soccer Chance Academy Portland

We are honored to call Portland Adventist Academy home to Soccer Chance Academy and are committed to a strong partnership, on and off the turf. Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) is located just off of 205 at the Washington Street Exit, near Mall 205.

Please note that PAA field usage is strictly closed to all use from sundown on all Fridays to sundown on all Saturdays. All SCA players and participants are expected to adhere to this rule.

A note about Portland Adventist Academy turf fields and general turf field use

We honor the game by showing respect for the rules, the officials who help keep the game safe and orderly, our opponents who keep the game a challenge, and our own team – including teammates, coaches and parents. We also show respect to Portland Adventist Academy, cities, colleges and schools that make playing fields available to us, by treating their fields with respect and care. As such, it is important that all parents and players at SCA follows these guidelines:

  • Pets are not allowed at any time on any turf/field – please leave animals at home.
  • Refrain from chewing gum or eating sunflower/pumpkin seeds (in fact, no food is allowed on or near the synthetic playing surfaces as bacteria can develop and pose serious health hazards to players).
  • Pick up litter and belongings after games and practices (including tiny bits of paper and cellophane, unclaimed water bottles, and clothing and shoes).
  • Use any available specially marked container for recycling aluminum and plastic beverage containers.
  • Empty water bottles on the natural grass but seal up other unfinished drinks for disposal.
  • Keep glass bottles off the turf/fields.

Parents and spectators are to be seated in the designated areas as noted at Portland Adventist Academy and at each venue. Only players, coaching staff, and team managers are allowed on the field/turf.