Soccer Chance Academy (SCA) uses the power of soccer to inspire young people, through their development both on and off the field. Players at SCA are encouraged to be creative problem solvers and diverse thinkers in an unconditionally supportive environment. Our approach is holistic and embraces the ‘whole’ person; we recognize and celebrate the technical, physical, psychological, and social differences that make each and every player unique. The SCA development team offers players a patient and individualistic approach in order to foster a passion for the lifelong game of soccer.

Innovation is sourced and celebrated by each coach at SCA. Sessions are characterized by variety, challenge, decision-making, ownership, chaos, and individuality. Coaches are committed to minimum interference and maximum impact so that players are free to express themselves in all areas of the field, irrespective of consequence.

Inclusivity and community are at the core of SCA; we make every effort to create a climate that is non-judgmental, supportive, and collaborative. The SCA development team is also invested in providing parents with consistent communication and regular educational workshops, creating a positive learning experience for all.

We are proud to stand with US Club Soccer in our mission to put players first and we are honored to be nationally recognized on the forefront of raising the standards of youth soccer, as a Players First-Licensed club.

The individual is the syllabus

With its shared set of principles regarding development, the SCA development team places the player at the center and permits them to follow a non-traditional pathway. Sessions are planned in accordance to where players are in their growth, and not confined by a syllabus. We recognize that some players demonstrate traits that enable them to jump stages in learning and that others may require scaffolding at a particular time.

SCA Commitment to Communication


The SCA development team strives to provide parents and players with clear and consistent communication. We provide weekly game previews, game reviews, and training agendas. Players receive two formal evaluations each year, consisting of video clips and ongoing player targets.

Playing time

We understand that each player grows at different rates, due to psychological, physiological, and environmental factors. Because of the long term nature of our program, SCA coaches take a patient approach and do not make playing time decisions based on age, size, and maturation bias. Instead, we invest in each individual and recognize that players will experience peaks and troughs in their soccer journey.

Wembley Stadium, London, UK, Soccer Chance Acdemy

International Reach

With unique ties to its home club in Northwest London, Portland based SCA players have opportunities to travel abroad and connect closely with players in the UK. Tours to the UK consist of tournaments, cultural exchanges, and sightseeing. Training at SCA London occurs alongside academy players and involves two daily sessions. Games are also arranged with local academy clubs.

Parent Connection

At SCA, we recognize that in order to impact a culture, parents also need to be a part of the process. Coaches are committed to a strong parent-club relationship and prioritize the importance of communication, integrity, transparency, and education. The coaching staff also offers parent education workshops, providing an inside view to our unique player development approach.


In an effort to stretch players, we are committed to providing a unique games program that challenges conventional approaches to field size, numbers of players, single gendered teams, and age groupings. With this flexibility, we allow our players a variety of different playing environments, which supports our development principles.


SCA seeks coaches with high emotional intelligence who have traits of open mindedness, empathy, self-reflection, curiosity, and courage – the same traits we look to develop in our players.  Our senior staff are all UEFA B (and above) qualified and have a library of experience at the elite level, both in the UK and the US.  Our senior staff have also played within the professional / semi-professional game in North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.

Dan Ferguson, Soccer Chance Academy Coach

Dan Ferguson

Technical Director
Player Position: Center Back
Favorite Player: Steven Gerrard
Favorite Club: Arsenal

Inspired to inspire

Joe Smith, Soccer Chance Academy Coach

Joe Smith

Player Position: Center Midfield
Favorite Player: Ian Wright
Favorite Club: Arsenal

Ben Hanley, Soccer Chance Academy Coach

Ben Hanley

Academy Manager
Player Position: Left Back
Favorite Player: Dennis Bergkamp
Favorite Club: Arsenal

Ricky Machel, Soccer Chance Academy Coach

Ricky Machel

Academy Manager
Player Position: Center Back
Favorite Player: Rio Ferdinand
Favorite Club: Arsenal

Sarah Panza, Soccer Chance Academy Coach

Sarah Panza

Director of Girls Coaching
Player Position: Attacking Midfield
Favorite Player: Kevin de Bruyne
Favorite Club: PSG Féminine

Finance Manager


General Manager & Assistant Coach

Player Position: Goalkeeper
Favorite Player: Ederson

Finance Manager

Gretchen Cole

Finance Manager
Player Position: Center Back
Favorite Player: Nadia Nadim

Sport and Conditioning Head Coach

Adam Barron

Sport and Conditioning Head Coach
Favorite Player: Mane

Head Coach

Jose Deza

Head Coach
Favorite Player: Messi
Favorite Club: Atletico River Plate

Head Coach

Wren Louis

Head Coach
Favorite Player: Christen Press
Playing Position: Goalkeeper

Head Coach

Brandon draper

Head Coach

Favorite Payer: Zidane

Playing Position: Goalkeeper

Head Coach

Fernando Ibanez

Head Coach

Head Coach

cj smolyn

Head Coach

Head Coach

Eva vlassopoulos

Assistant Coach

Head Coach

John Melito

Goal Keeper Coach


Amy Naulty